How to Reduce the Need for HVAC Repair

It is nice to know that a professional HVAC repair company is on standby to service your unit should it become necessary, however, one can never forget the expense that comes with that call. Reducing the need for service from Greensboro heating and air professionals is possible and certainly worth your efforts. How can you reduce the need for HVAC repair?

Change the Filters

Dirty AC/heat filters cause the air to blow dirt back inside the unit. Dirty filters also cause the unit to work harder to keep the room at the appropriate temperatures, adding strain where it is unnecessary. Monthly filter changes reduces this worry, although some filters can work for up to 90-days. Be sure to use quality filters to sustain the unit.

Clean the Condenser

The AC condenser can quickly cause trouble with your unit. It’s Easy to clean in just a few steps, and should always be a part of a bi-annual maintenance plan. Bleach and water are the only two items that you need to clean the condenser.

Clear Debris

Dirt, leaves, and other debris accumulate near the unit quickly and cause an array of problems. Removal of the debris is imperative to maintaining the unit.  Be sure that the leaves and dirt do not land on the HVAC unit after lawn mowing.

Call a Professional

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When there is a problem that is beyond your realms of repair, make sure that you phone the repair professionals at once. Although it is never a call that you want to make, prolonging the call only worsens the situation.

Final Thoughts

You can maintain your HVAC unit when the tips above are a part of your plan. It is easy to prolong the unit and ensure the comfort of everyone in the home by simple implementation of this information. What are you waiting for?